Children's Ministry

The children’s ministry of FBC Moody strives to provide a Biblical foundation for a lifetime relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Our core values are built into the very heart of every children’s program.  Programs are based on helping children be more like Jesus, have knowledge and love for God’s word, be mission minded, and to provide relationship building opportunities. Our goal is to provide a vehicle for study, meditation, and instruction from God’s word.

 Each Sunday morning, the children are given the opportunity to attend Sunday school classes for their age/grade where they are learn Bible stories in captivating ways.

 Kid’s Own Worship is offered on Sunday mornings for 1st - 3rd graders during the morning worship        service. This is a time children experience worship on their level, teaching them what it truly means to worship God. 

 Sunday nights are centered around interactive worship, teaching the students how to share their faith with people outside the family of God. This gives them the tools needed to invite their family, friends, and neighbors.  Children also learn about missionaries foreign and North American through Mission Friends.





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Special Activities

Our Children’s Ministry also does several different activities during the year to engage students in God-centered events. Fascar Rally, Vacation Bible School, and Children’s Summer Camp are just a few of these events.


Exceptionally HIS

Exceptionally HIS ministry is a specific ministry for individuals that have physical / mental needs thatrequire special attention. Each individual is treated with dignity and respect. The volunteer teachers are trained to help these individuals.  This ministry meets on Sunday mornings during Sunday School.