Fueled Youth Ministries


We are dedicated to helping teenagers live their faith 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That is why, in addition to our Sunday School

and Sunday morning worship, we offer a variety of other exciting activities for our High School students.

Sunday nights are centered around discipleship. Students are encouraged to have a daily quiet time and taught to share their faith.

On Wednesday nights during REFUEL, the lessons are centered around providing a solid handle for understanding basic Bible doctrine, addressing contemporary issues, and encouraging life applications. This teaches students not only what Christians believe, but also gives them backing from God’s Word and shows them why it should make a difference in their lived. All of this works to together to help give them a foundation upon which to build during their adult years. Team building activities, games, and awesome worship music is also used on Wednesday nights to accompany the lessons. This time is also used to build relationships between the students and mentors that will encourage students in their daily walk with the Lord.

Every year, the students go on mission trips traveling to different areas sharing their gifts and talents, learning new creative ways to share the love of Jesus and building relationships with other believers.  One trip is usually taken during Spring Break and one trip is taken during the summer months. Previous trips have included Camp Morning Star in Brunswick, Georgia, New Orleans, Shoal Creek, and Camp Baldwin. These mission trips are used to get our students “fired up” for God’s mission field.